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Ready Made Websites for IFAs

Get online with our ready made templat designs

It's not always easy to pinpoint why you're offering something extra in the marketplace. But we feel we are doing just that. We customise our ready made templates to suit you.

This means we offer a semi-bespoke solution and your website doesn't end up looking like all the rest.

Our expertise is in creating websites for financial advisers, getting your business online within a matter of weeks, using tried-and-tested, ready-to-go responsive website themes for IFAs.

All our IFA websites are specifically designed to help financial advisers get into the online marketplace, showing their worth. We help raise their visibility by offering free quartely FCA compliance approved newsltters, it helps when you can keep in touch with clients.

We are unique in not offering different levels of services, we only offer “Gold”. Our prices are simple too, £385 and £40pm.

We start with you

We start with you! It's your whole journey that matters.

We've asked prospects and existing clients what they thought:

  • You're open and transparent, if we ask you a question, you answer it and answer it well
  • You understand our business and seem genuinely interested, you take time to get it right
  • We can look at your designs and see what you offer, many just show an image and not much detail
  • We like the way you look after the whole thing and offer us an all-in-one solution, that we can just ping you an email and it's done
  • We couldn't afford to buy marketing material elsewhere, we like that you include it
  • We can always get someone at the end of the phone who's happy to talk to us

But don't just take our word for it!

Denise designed and now maintains our new website and I am very pleased with the results. The build was pleasingly swift, adapted to our specific needs with patience and attention to detail, including a wealth of new client-facing tools, links and information.

I would not hesitate in recommending Denise's services to any IFA Practice or other advisory business.

Mark Cooper, Clarity Financial Planning

Clients' Feedback

Whilst not a direct comparison with other IFA website providers, we've attempted to outline qualities and services we provide, that may not be found elsewhere. Carry on reading to see just how flexible our service and products are!

How we work

We take your brief, gather facts and information, come back in a few weeks with an almost complete website.

We take it from there. Although we customise parts of the design for you, we don't design expensive bespoke websites. That's not the market we're in. We offer a templated solution where we go that bit further than most (after all we write each design from scratch, so we know what we're doing). It keeps you firmly in budget.

We have 6 different responsive designs to choose from, varying content and focus, an endless supply of professional images to choose from and backdated FCA compliance approved brochures.

Everything is at hand to get your firm up and running, quickly and smoothly.

We do all of the work too. One thing that makes us stand out, is that we DON'T give you a content management system and expect you to build your site.

As our advisers often say:

“You look after our site, you're good at that.”

“We offer financial advice and we're good at that!”

We are always very flexible

No two Financial Advisers ever have exactly the same business needs, so our websites, although templated, are flexible enough to allow a fair degree of customisation to suit their wishes.

Our Profile

We're the longest-established templated website suppliers for IFAs in the UK, leading on from IFA Systems who were the first to offer IFAs a templated website service in June 1999.

Focusing on designing and developing websites for IFAs, supporting Professional Financial Advisers with maintenance, marketing and web-based features. Our aim is to provide relevant and affordable web-based solutions to the Financial Services sector.

We like to get to know our clients, and always aim to build the website they want. We always build each website ourselves rather than leave the client to sort it out. That approach carries on throughout the lifetime of their website with us.

We also keep our prices as affordable as possible, this does means that we do not normally stretch to include a visit to Advisers enquiring about our services. Which is why we deliver a product to meet your specification and then discuss with you what you'd like changed.

We find our clients appreciate having a tangible product in front of them to discuss before launching their site, working with them to provide a product they're happy with.

It's one reason we don't make any charges during the first two months of an order, we're one of the few IFA Website providers who do this.

What we do

We produce responsive website designs for Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) and Financial Planners. Technology is one of the most challenging industries to keep up to date with, we strive to keep up with changes and are already aware of the recent “Google Fred” SEO rollout.

Since March the 8th (2017) there has been hysteria emerging form the SEO community due to reported ranking fluctuations and traffic losses, potentially from an unconfirmed Google Update. This is has now been called the “Fred Update”.

We have our own SEO marketing chap at hand, he keeps us up to date. That means we can be in a better position when advising advisers what will work best for them. We don't ask you use him (Graham from Serendipity www.serendipity-online-marketing.co.uk), but we DO ask you to get a second opinion when embarking on a new marketing project. We've had a growing number of clients who have recently paid out good money to unknown “SEO experts” for little or no return.

The new Google Fred update is targeting ad heavy, low value content sites.

The gist of Google Fred is “Don't write similar content for the sake of it. Content heavy sites have a tendency to publish content around the same or similar subjects, Google may devalue some of the other pages and only prioritise page(s) it believes is the best surrounding that keyword / phrase or search query...”